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With more than 30 years experience on the sea, in a variety of craft and over 20,000 miles of off shore sailing Simon has the experience necessary to make trips safe and fun. Born and raised in Vancouver sailing in the Salish Sea all his life he has good knowledge of the area and can share with others his love for it’s unique beauty. Simon has also spent many years sailing in exotic parts of the world such as the South Pacific, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Turkey, Greece, Australia and New Zealand and loves to share his experience with others.  Simon’s passion for sailing and the sea and his amiable nature help to provide an unforgettable experience for those who come aboard Providence. 


Owner, Captain

Danny was born and raised on Canada’s west coast and as a transport Canada certified captain has built his career in the marine industry using experience gained from commanding vessels in various roles such as sail-training, towing, tour boats, youth programs, and water taxi/crew boats. He is a community-minded individual who enjoys working with people and is committed to the preservation and sharing West Coast maritime culture and heritage while promoting choices for low carbon charters and shipping. 


Terry McPhail

Terry is a lifelong resident of Richmond and President of Shelter Island Marina and Boatyard. Established in 1975, Shelter Island Marina and Boatyard is one of the largest full-service marine facilities on the west coast of BC. 

Terry believes in giving back to the community and has served as Director and past President or Chairman of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, BC Association of Harbours, Ports & Marina's, Richmond Savings Credit Union, Richmond Hospital Foundation and the Richmond Community Foundation. He has also served on the City of Richmond's Intercultural Relations Advisory Committee, the Economic Development Task Force, the Olympic Oval Steering Advisory Committee and the East Richmond Community Centre. 

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Providence's crew are dedicated persons who embrace the true spirit of seamanship while bringing a sense of passion and enthusiasm to every voyage. They’ve become part of the ships family through their engagement and commitment to the core values of our company’s mission to honour, preserve and celebrate west coast maritime heritage while providing sail excursions and services with a low to neutral carbon footprint. Always quick with a smile or to lend a hand, you can count on them to help make your time on Providence an unforgettable experience.

Photo credit: Tourism Richmond

Photo credit: Tourism Richmond