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Thank you for visiting Providence 1903. We are proud to offer sail cargo services, experiential adventures and charter opportunities aboard Providence, our 80’ (64’ on deck) class B heritage tall ship. Built in 1903 she is a classic working vessel that has spent her entire life plying the sea earning a living as a commercial fishing vessel, coastal freighter and charter vessel. She carries her sail as a gaff rigged ketch and this combined with her classic lines (hull design) give her a distinguished look that draws admirers where ever she lands.

Providence is a stout built vessel of Baltic construction that was designed to haul loads of fish and cargo in the North Sea. A world traveler with hundreds of miles of sail cargo hauling under her keel, she is well equipped with a full galley (kitchen), 2 heads (bathrooms), a large salon, a large wheelhouse and overnight berths for up to 15 guests and crew.

When hauling cargo, Providence's ample deck space allows for large or unusual dimension loads. Below decks the main salon is converted back to the original configuration of a hold and with the 6’x8’ main hatch, deck rigging for loading and up to 20 tonnes cargo capacity, Providence is able to meet the needs of conscientious shippers looking for an alternatives to modern shipping choices. 

Shipping Carbon Neutral

Providences classic sailing hull and full complement of 7 sails provides the perfect combination of sail efficiency to harness the winds of the west coast. Achieving speeds of up to 10 knots under full canvas she is most happy when underway with the wind in her sails. If the wind is fickle, or when manoeuvring in and out of ports, she is powered by locally sourced Bio-Diesel which drives her 165 horsepower engine with an 80% reduction in greenhouse gasses. This combined with our recycling program, reusable shipping containers and commitment to annually donate 1% of our total revenue to local green initiatives helps us achieve our goal of working towards carbon neutral services.

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Sail Cargo Service

Our primary route between the lower mainland and the southern gulf islands provides a meaningful way for conscientious vendors to ship their products to a larger market while staying close to the artisan values of community minded sustainability. 


History of the Providence

The Providence is rich in history. Built in 1903 she is a classic working vessel who has spent her entire life plying the sea earning a living as a commercial fishing vessel, coastal freighter and charter vessel.

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